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Supermarkets in Shanghai
Metro (麦德龙   
Add:    1) 1425 Zhenbei Lu (真北路1425号) Tel: 6265 8888
             2) 383 Baiyang Lu (白杨路383号) Tel: 6892 8888
             3) 418 Guangyue Lu (广粤路418号) Tel: 6526 8888
   4) 80 Gudai Lu (顾戴路80号) Tel: 6480 8888
Open daily: 6:00-22:00
Cash and carry store. Very nice fruit and vegetables, meats and especially fish are great: nice choice. They also sell wines, TV, Hifi, clothes, domestic appliances and more. Bring a visiting card and a photo (even if they don’t always ask for it), they will do a customer card which you present each time you pay. Bring your own bags to carry what you bought or you’ll have to buy some at the cashier. There’s a ATM at the exit of the shop.
City Supermarket (城市超市)
Add:    1) 3211 Hongmei Lu (虹梅路3211号)
             2) 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, inside Shanghai Center (南京西路1376号上海商城)
             3) Basement, 99 Huaihai Zhong Lu (淮海中路99号地库一层)
            4) B1, 939 Huaihai Zhong Lu (淮海中路939号B1层)
      5)1F, No. 33, Huayuan Shiqiao Road, Lujiazui, Pudong (near Fumin Road) (浦东陆家嘴花园石桥路33号1楼,近富民路)

Tel/Fax: 6215 0418/6267 4248/6477 9671
Open daily: 8:00-22:00
The largest choice of imported food in Shanghai. It’s really the place to go when you are desperate to find something. A little bit more expensive than the other supermarkets. They also offer foreign newspapers and magazines. You can bring your photos to be developed. You will find here a taxi-cards guide very useful when first arriving (which gives you in English, pinyin and Chinese characters a lot of useful addresses). Ask for it at the front cashier. * Free delivery. Ask for their catalogue. If you order by telephone or mail before 15:00, delivery will be the same day. Particularly useful for those who work and/or live far away from one of these shops.
Carrefour (家乐福)
Add:  1) 268 Shuicheng Nan Lu (水城南路268号)  Tel: 6209 8899
            2) 279 Biyun Lu (碧云路279号)  Tel: 5899 1899
            3) 20 Wuning Lu (武宁路20号)  Tel: 6227 7788
          4) 560 Quyang Lu (曲阳路560号) Tel:6227 7788
          5) 7388 Huming Lu (沪闵路7388号) Tel 3412 4688
          6) 1500 Xincun Lu (新村路1500号) Tel 6209 8809
          7) 1168 Gongjiang Lu (共江路1168号) Tel 3611 4510
Open daily: 8:30-22:00
Well-known French grocery chain which offers a large choice of both Chinese and Western products (lots of imported food). French traiteur, biovegetables, domestic appliances, household equipment, bicycles and sports equipment, Hifi, TV and computers. Information regarding the products are both in Chinese and English, which is very helpful when first arrived. International credit cards welcomed. Shopping mall on the ground floor: shops, restaurants, optician, laundry, pharmacy and a Kodak shop where you can ask for very quick ID photos. Car parking on the 4th level. For bicycles and taxis, to the first level.

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