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Korean cuisine, made for common people, is based largely on rice, vegetables, fish, seaweed and tofu (dubu in Korean). Typical Korean meals are named for the number of side dishes (banchan) that accompany the ubiquitous rice, soup, and kimchi (pickled vegetables). Three dishes, five dishes, and up to twelve side-dish meals are served depending upon the circumstances. Korean food derives its pungent flavors from various combinations of sesame oil, soybean paste, soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger and, most importantly, chili pepper, which gives it its distinctive spiciness.
l           Arirang   阿里朗
28 Jiangsu Bei Rd (by Chang Ning Rd),Shanghai
Phone: 21-6252 7146
Cuisine: Korean
l           Gao Li   高丽餐厅
No1, 181 Wu Yuan Rd (by Wulumuqi Zhong Rd), Shanghai
Phone: 21-6248 7397
Cuisine: Korean 
l           Gao Li Korean Restaurant
181 Wuyuan Rd Shanghai
Neighborhood: Jingan District
Phone: (21) 6431-5236                     
Cuisine: Korean                           
    Phone: 21-5888 9988
   Cuisine: Korean

Jin Qiao 金桥
Rm 210, 2/F, 2077 Yan’An Xi Rd (by Friendship Store), Shanghai
Neighborhood: Changning District
Phone: 21-6270 9082
Cuisine: Korean

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