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Shanghai Cuisine Guide

Hunger breeds discontentment. Eating is the crucial task when travel in Shanghai.
Shanghai cuisine
The special dishes in Shanghai are: Shui-jing Xia-ren (shrimp), Xia-zi-da-wu-shen (sea cucumber), Ba-bao-la-jiang (with eight kinds of food), San-huang-ji (Chicken), Cui-pi-ru-ge (with pigeon), Xie-fen-dou-fu (bean curd), Cu-liu-yu-pian (fish), etc.
There are many kinds of snacks in Shanghai: Sheng-jian-man-tou ( steamed bun), Xie-fen-xiao-long (steamed stuffed bun), Xiang-gu-su-cai-bao ( mushroom steamed stuffed bun ), Xie-ke-huang ( sesame seed cake), Gui-hua-tang-ou ( lotus root) \, Bai-guo-xian-jiu-niang-wan-zi (rice dumpling), long-shan-yu ( sweet potato), Kai-yang-cong-you-ban-mian (noodle), Luo-bo-si-bing (crisp), Wu-xiang-cha-ye-dan (tea boiled egg)
Shanghai is a good place to eat crab (da-zha-xie). The crab of Shanghai is from the lake. Autumn is the season to eat crab. The most popular dish is steamed crab. When the crab is cooked, it becomes goled red, and very delightful to the eyes. Eating with the vinegar, it is delicious.
The fried fermented bean curd (chou-dou-fu) smells bad but tastes good. So some persons like to call fried fragrance which is very funny.
The steamed stuffed bun (nan-xiang-xiao-long) of Nanxiang Steamed Bun Eatery is well kwon. You need to be patient to be in a very long queue at any time if you want to eat it, just like to wait for your adoring film stars---fanatically and infatuatedly. That is a special landscape at Yuyuan Garden Bazaar every day.
Locations for the food hunting: Yunnan Road, Zhapu Road, Wujiang Road, Tianyaoqiao Road, Huanghe Road and Yuyuan Garden Bazaar are the food strees in Shanghai.

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