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Shanghai Stage & Cinemas
The stage information
It can be easily obtained from----Shanghai Cultural Information & Booking Center (SCIBC), which established by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Film and Television, is the first cultural information releasing and professional ticket service organization. The ¡°Art & Culture Ticket Service¡± network system is also the first one, which includes remote tickets selling, and balancing system within China. What¡¯s more, the website of the SCIBC is one of the most important windows for Shanghai international cultural exchange and is the main channel of Shanghai cultural information release.
Box Office Business Hours: Everyday (9:00am-07: 30pm)
Booking Hotline: 86-21-6217242426   62173055
Address: No. Fengxian Road, Shanghai China 200041
Inquire Hotline: 86-21-62186507
Shanghai Grand Theater
Book by Phone: 6372 8702
l          Stellar Cinema City
         Location: 8F,168 LuJiaZui Xi Rd.
 Tel: +86-21-50478022
         It is located at level 8 of the Super Brand Mall (near the Oriental Pearl TV Tower).
             Every night after 9:00 PM, they offer 50% off and are a very good deal. They have many big halls in  it and most movies can be found there. It has almost the best equipments in Shanghai.
l        Super Cinema World in Metro City at Xujiahui
         Location: 5th Floor, of Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang road         
Tel: 6426-8181, ext 200
l        Golden Cinema-Friendship
        5F, Friendship South Shopping Mall
          7388 Humin Road
          Tel: 6412-0260
          It is a good one. In the early years, it is often that there are only two or three persons watching for movies in the theater. Now, it is much better.
l        Golden Theater Haixing
4F, Haixing Plaza No.1 South Ruijing Road
Tel: 6412-0260
l        Studio City
Location: 10F, Westgate Mall, 1038 West Nanjing Rd
Tel: 6218-2173
Very nice one, and is on top of Westgate Mall. The plaza 66 and other great builings are nearby.
l        Shanghai Film Arts Centre
Location: 160 Xinhua Lu, at Panyu Road cross
   Tel: 6280-6088
This one is treated as the official cinema of Shanghai. Why ¡°official¡±? It has the government background and the whole building was built as a cinema.
l        UME International Cineplex
Location: 4F, No.6, Lane 123, Xingye Rd
   Tel: 6373-3333
It is at the heart of Xintiandi. The facility is so-so, not impressive at all.
l        Grand Cinema
216 West Nanjing Rd.
    Tel: +86-21-63274260
l        Heng Shan Cinema
Location: 838 Heng Shan Rd., Near Xujiahui
    Tel: +86-21-54652849
This is an old one also. The price is very cheap, but the facility is of late 1990s.
l        Peace Cinema
290 Middle XiZang Rd.
    Tel: +86-21-63612898
It is located at Raffles City Exit of the People¡¯s Square Station of Metro #1 and #2. Location is good, but facility is so-so. It is funny that at the same place, there was an old theater in the last 100 years, before the area was pulled down and built the current Raffles City.

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